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Maintain network security in the growing Enterprise Company can be challenging and complex, Incident response and threat handling is one of the most complex and forgetting process whether it is because of skill set of the employee, short of headcount, limitedness of tools and improving security itself. We understand that all businesses are special, and that’s why our Security Operation Center are designed for helping every customer with their own complexity. 

Unified Threat Prevention

Managing Network Security
Monthly Based
  • Prevent threats
  • Complete advanced protection
  • Post-infection defense and mitigation
  • SOC monitoring by 24x7

Monitoring, Analysis and
Incident Response

Magnus SOC Main Services
Monthly Based
  • Fast Incident Response as needed
  • Custom Use Case
  • Centralized Log Management
  • 24x7 Monitoring, Incident Response

Magnus The Human

Make Smarter Security Decission
Yearly Based
  • Massive Security Awareness
  • Eliminate Human Error
  • Post-infection defense and mitigation
  • SOC monitoring by 24x7

Vulnerability Management

Understand Your Risk
  • Full Vulnerability Scanning
  • Security Recomendation
  • Comprehensive Analysis and Report
  • Maximum benefit, Minimal cost
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Unified Threat Prevention

Unified Threat Prevention Service is a superior service from Magnus for securing your network, this service has many excellent feature such Next Generation Firewall, identity awareness, IPS, Anti Bot, Antivirus, Application control, URL Filtering, VPN (site to site), remote access client and many more. More than securing your network, Unified Threat Prevention service cover your daily operation such creating new rule, review log and rule, incident response management, monthly reporting, supporting for compliance needs.

Services Benefit

  • Prevent threats with a comprehensive packages of integrated protection capabilities
  • Complete protection against advanced threat
  • Post-infection defense and mitigation of bots
  • Maximized protection through unified management, our SOC monitoring by 24×7 and reporting

Monitoring, Analysis and Incident Response

Monitoring, Analysis and Incident Response service will provide you with full coverage for Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) needs with additional our Security Operation Center team working 24x7x365 will monitor analyze and do incident response to ensure higher visibility and will improve your security posture. Security Operation Center will be useful in terms of getting the landscape of IT infrastructure for modern infrastructures support organization for compliance and something you did not get from only implementing Security Information and Event Management.

Services Benefit

  • 24x7x365 Monitoring and Incident Response
  • Maximum 3 hours response time for follow up new incident
  • Custom use case base on business needs
  • Centralize Log management for compliance and security report
  • Deeply incident analysis and follow up through to the user
  • Monthly report for supporting business needs.

Magnus The Human Firewall

Security Awareness is a solution offered by Magnus, providing security awareness training. The main goal of this program is awareness of social engineering, spear-phishing attacks and ransomware attacks on internet users. This service has the benefit of increasing user knowledge regarding phishing attacks and reducing the risk of human error. More extreme, this service can create a human firewall in your company.

Services Benefit

  • Increase understanding of IT security
  • Reducing the risk of human error
  • Protect Company assets
  • Avoid expenses incurred due to security incidents
  • Improve the Company’s reputation

Vulnerability Management

By knowing your vulnerability means you understand where your security hole is and vulnerability have a strong requirement in many IT security standard such PCI, ISO, etc. Magnus is providing comprehensive and integrated Vulnerability Management Solutions which contains bolded keywords to give easier way in scanning and tailoring the document against your requirements. fully integrate scanning and compliance to include combined consolidation of data give you full visibility of vulnerability and compliance at the same time. For you who seek do a better security and want to comply with many IT Security Standard this is the best solution u need.

Service Benefit

  • Prioritization of your vulnerability
  • Full effortless of scanning and reporting
  • Provide recommendation remediation of Vulnerability for easiest and your convenience
  • Remediation scans to verify vulnerabilities have been addressed correctly
  • Variety of scan engine platforms to include Windows, Linux, Mac OS, as well as virtual and physical servers
  • Scan throttling to prevent generation of sufficient traffic to disrupt normal network infrastructure